Is it normal that my parents always humiliate me?

They humiliate me in the worse ways possible, when I do something good they humiliate me by putting me down and label themselves as perfect, at one point they tried arguing on me in the public streets just because I want to go with my friends, considering they never let me go out with them they always keep me confined. They constantly call me a failure when I show my success they think I shouldn't have graduated and that I should have graduated from failure. I don't know if I should go run from them, run as far away from them because I'm thinking about running away from my parents because I would rather be with someone who actually cares. I don't want to kept with people who constantly put me down. The worst case scenario is that they also ignore me when I ask something good to return the favor, like why? Why is always beyond me? At the this point I give up on my parents.

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