Is it normal that my girlfriend's business skirts are mid-thigh in length?

I always thought they were supposed to be long and cover the knee, but my girlfriend's are mid-thigh in girlfriend told me the company she works for doesn't care about the length of her skirt as long as it covers what it needs to. I was just wondering how common this is.

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  • Were you born in the 19th century.

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  • It totally depends on the company and the culture in the area.

    That used to be a normal skirt/dress length several decades ago.

    More "conservative" (whatever that actually means) companies would require a longer skirt or dress length. But many other companies are less concerned with dress and more concerned with performance - and would allow mid thigh dresses and skirts.

    Mini skirts are generally not acceptable as business or work dress - except in certain businesses that are catering to certain kinds of clients.

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  • Depends on the gig? Is your girlfriend selling pharmaceuticals or is she selling korans?

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  • But does she wear pantieds under her skirt? That's the important part.

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  • When I’ve worked in London I’ve seen a fair number of mid thigh skirts in the summer, as others have said it must depend on the company.

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  • I'd say hit the knee. I got in trouble for wearing tennis skirts to my preschool job, but that's different of course.

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