Is it normal that my first impression always gives silent vibes?

I asked few people and my friends about how was my first impression on them. I concluded that I always looked like a silent type of girl, like the girl who minds her own business,etc. I want to change. How do I change or is it okay to be the silent type? I just want to look free to others and want them to approach me without any other questions in their minds

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  • Don't change. There's nothing wrong. Like another user said, just be more mindful of your body language; make it so that you appear more open and approachable.

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  • Same here. I am silent, always have been.
    There's nothing wrong with being silent though i've learned through the years. No one i've met minds and if you're a good listener that is deeply appreciated by most people. If you wanna look approachable I suggest looking happy and relaxed. People are gonna be hesitant to approach someone who looks angry and tense because people are afraid of rejection and getting a rude response. Smile at people and be mindful of your body language.

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  • Read... Be frank and respective,
    Make first move,
    Make them laugh,
    Self confedent,
    This is how they'll get charming vibes.

    So much work I prefer to be silent 😝

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