Is it normal that my entire right arm shakes when i flex my bicep?

This has been a life long thing. Basically, when I go to "make a muscle" with my right arm, the entire arm shakes like it's convulsing, but I have complete control over it. When I stop flexing, the shaking stops and does not continue. I can technically do this with my left arm also, but not to the same extent. What I can't do, however, is flex my right bicep without the entire arm shaking. Sometimes picking up something heavy with my right arm causes it to shake as well.

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  • Train it more, or maybe some of the nerve signals are being sent to the wrong area and might be causing the conclusions, as long as it doesn’t interfere with daily life it should be fine. I am not a doctor take what I say with a grain of sugar.

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  • I have this with my leg sometimes. I’d say get it checked out but it doesn’t sound awfully alarming

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