Is it normal that my boyfriend never really texts me first?

He's hardly on his phone, so it always takes him a few minutes to an hour to respond. I know that it's fine that he isn't on his phone, and doing stuff instead. However, we've been dating for a month and I don't know if it's normal that he isn't texting me a lot.

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  • Maybe he's super busy at work, or he has a job that doesn't want him messing with his phone on the clock?

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  • Few hours? Thats nothing. My ex I'd go days sometimes even a week or more without getting a response. That fucker never used his phone. So try not to be upset by a few hours

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  • He's a guy.
    Years ago before texting girls would spend hours on the phone and parents, husband's, as well as boyfriends couldn't understand it.
    Guys would spend 5 or 10 minutes and think that was too long.

    This is gradually changing with text but a lot of it still runs true. Guys want to conduct business just like shopping, I could spend all day in the store or online shopping. Guys buy what they need and leave. They mostly want to get in and out quickly. Kind of like having sex.

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  • Some people do not text a lot.

    Others have jobs where they cannot have (or do not have) their cellphone with them at work of when doing certain activities. It can take me up to 12 hours to text back when I'm doing certain jobs or activities.

    Please talk to him about his schedule and when he has his phone with him, and when its off, he doesn't have it with him, or he is prevented from texting due to work or the activity he is doing.

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