Is it normal that my basketball coach used to do this?

I played basketball at a small college and the coach would make us meet up and have “movie night” in the lockeroom on nights that he knew there would be a party because he didn’t want us to go. He would put candy in his office and always say “why in the fuck are you guys not coming into my office to talk to me? When you guys signed here it was like getting married and this is a relationship.I have candy in my office and I’m not a mean guy.” And he would get mad and treat you crazy if you didn’t text him during the season. Why in the fuck would I text a 45-50 year old man regularly if I’m in college? What do I have in common with him? He always wanted to know shit about us and the assistant coaches would try to find out what girls we were dating/fucking etc. and go back to tell him. What was up with this guy? This is a serious question. I ended up transferring but now that I look back it’s just weird.

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  • He must've been lonely but it was weird and inappropriate, he should've been trying to make friends with people his own age.

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  • He's weird as Hell, and I would continue to stay away from his crazy ass.

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  • The whole thing is unprofessional. He really needed to get a life outside his job.

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  • A bit weied, yes. I get the wanting to occupy his player's time to keep them out of trouble, but the rest..Over the line..How would he like it if the players continually harped on him about his personal life, finances, sex with his wife or gf, diet, etc?

    Years ago, I coached girls basketball and softball, and, while basketball was fine, I did have a few softball girls who followed my every move. Knew my job, my gf's name and what she looked like, and sometimes, even where I went at night, including some late-night walks I take around a stadium. One night, two of them popped out from a dugout and were lucky I recognized them quickly, because I was ready to start swinging. I found it very intrusive and none of your business unless we're on the field.

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  • well if he aint a pervert then hes an idiot

    if within the last 5 years then a fuckin flamin screamin retard

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  • Intrusive, unprofessional, and just generally weird.

    Make a mental note to Google the guy's name now and then. I bet he'll feature in a news story sooner or later.

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