Is it normal that Mike Pence scares me a lot more than Donald Trump

Still coming to terms with the fact that the circus never really left town. This whole political climate has me extremely depressed. An orange buffoon, a real estate thug, led his rabid, bigoted and jerk supporters in flyover country to upend a perfectly decent, civilized social order. Obama was a great guy, and a great President who actually stimulated the economy, and laid the foundation of a decent, humane, egalitarian society far removed from racism, sexism, homophobia and all other evils.

Let us not forget that Hillary Clinton still won 2.5 million more votes than Donald Trump even though she had been unpopular to begin with. That means there are enough decent people in this country who loathe this boastful prick. Even though a four-year Trump Presidency gives me the jitters, the Devil is in the details. The Donald's cabinet selection reads like Darth Vader's selection of Sith monsters in their "deplorable" quest for inter-galactic domination.

Starting with Mike Pence, and down to the cabinet selection of crazies such as his pick for Secretary of Defense, or Justice. They're all a bunch of kooks and religious maniacs who hate the very word called "progress."

But this Pence is just several shades more abominable than his Chief, and is going to be the one really calling the shots because Donald Trump really has no clue.

While Trump is just a con-man who can't believe his luck that he actually gets to be President, Pence is the one who will have more influence on the actual administration. Trump is a flip-flopper on almost all issues he stands for but Pence is a committed hater of homosexuals, that too with a passion not seen by a mainstream politician in several decades. He would target people like my gay room-mate is extremely nice to be around, a real sweet person.

Pence has presided over the slashing of food stamp benefits for tens of thousands of people in his home state of Indiana — a policy that disproportionately affects women (and, it should be noted, their children). "No food stamps for you, Shaniquah. First prove to me that you're not an illegal."

Abortion? "You can't murder babies anymore, femi-nazi. You go to jail for that. I don't care if the baby is a product of rape (it was your own fault, of course!), incest (are you kidding me? That's how we roll in Redneck county, brother-sister, Uncle-niece) or medical emergency (If God chose you to die in childbirth, that's because you're a sinner. Accept your fate and move on.)

Women making equal wage as men. "Are you kidding me? Go back to the kitchen, you stupid, uppity broad! And make me some pancakes. That's what you're really good at."

Hate these buncha deplorables.

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  • Human beings are self destructive by nature. Just ride out your time and try and make the most of it

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  • It's nice to see other sane people are out there.
    I've been saying ever since he announced his candidacy that his whole reason for running was to further his and his family's business interests.

    Hillary's count is now 2.8 million ahead and still rising.

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  • Crooked , lying , cyber Hitlery is going to jail.
    She deleted 33,000 emails and the rest she used bleach bit so even God couldnt read them and she used a hammer to destroy her servers.

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  • Yeah, I agree. Pence believes in "conversion therapy" which is complete crap!

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  • considering Donald never shows up for press briefings or for shit he is supposed to do and how thin skinned and shady they both are. I would not be surprised if they quit or both got impeached.

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  • No trump scares me plenty. I hope the crazy is all for show.He brags about molesting women, wants to swap our democracy for a dictatorship and had another country help him cheat and I am suppose to respect him ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • You should be more scared if HILLARY got elected.
    Democrats have turned this country's into a bunch of whining, complaining babies.

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  • Maybe it's Trump's life ensurance policy. Yeah, I didn't spell it wrong....ensure means a different thing than insure.

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  • Just sit patiently until January 20th.

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  • You're still trapped in a reality where Trump is some hapless, unlikable retard who stumbled into winning the presidency?

    Wake up.

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    • Trump knew what he was doing. It's the people who voted for him that are truly hapless. I understand the sentiment of an anti-establishment vote, but you have to be a fool to think that a billionaire tycoon is somehow 'not establishment'. He's assembling the wealthiest cabinet in history from the very swamp he claimed to drain.

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      • So, you choose to believe half the country is stupid instead of admitting you were duped into thinking Trump was a Hitler knockoff. You were persuaded by every news channel on tv and every article on Facebook.

        Cognitive dissonance isn't easy to overcome. You want to think that you're the reasonable one who knows whats right. Hard to admit when you're wrong. Easier to continue the delusion.

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        • You didn't address my point, but OK. Cognitive dissonance? That must be that thing Trump supporters feel when their president elect constructs a cabinet of billionaires beholden to the very same 'special interests' he talked about eliminating.

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  • I think the good news for you is that not nearly as much as you think is going to change. I don't think gay marriage will be overturned, I don't think women are going to earn less. Don't let it get you down too much. This country is built such that no one person can have too much power.

    Whether you like Trump or not, you got to hand it to him, he ran a remarkable campaign. From the beginning, he was treated as a joke and as no threat because everyone just thought he was stupid. But sadly, that is the attitude of a lot of people on the far left or far right. They think that everyone who doesn't agree with them is just stupid and ignorant. So in this case, they didn't really think they had to do anything.

    While Trump worked hard, held rallies almost every day, consulted with many smart people and leaders, built a great staff of people for his campaign and invested his own money, Hillary and the left just sat back and kind of half assed it. They were betting on people voting for them because "It was the obvious choice". Because "No one would vote for someone as terrible as Trump".

    And that is why I think Trump deserved to win. He put in 110% the whole time. He didn't let anything push him back or get him down. He overcame the media firing at him all the time and even twisting stories to make him look bad. Hillary didn't put in 110% because she didn't think she had to. And that's part of why she lost. For that job, you need to put in 110%. Trump stepped up to the plate and did that.

    While Hillary was laughing at Trump's answers at the debates and blowing off everything he said, Trump answered every question with a purpose and a plan. He stayed focused. He showed the people that he wanted to win.

    The president's job isn't just to say the things that make people happy. It's not just to say nice things that sound right and have people nod their head to it. They have to be willing to work hard for the people. I think that Trump will work hard for the people. I don't know if his policies and ideas will work or not because we haven't gotten that far yet, but I think he will work hard for the people.

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  • Trump hasn't even taken office yet and already you are ready to scrutinize everything he does in a negative way, it shows through on this whole stupid post. I fully support the slashing of benefits and handouts for people, hopefully it influences them to pick themselves up, work a job, and support themselves, instead of being a waste that does nothing useful for society. I hope Trump cuts the funding for all sanctuary cities so that they are on their own and we can really see these supposed "multicultural utopias" take hold.

    We won't because inner cities are failing miserably so clearly the freebies and handouts haven't worked. Let's try a new tactic. Cut them off entirely.

    FYI, Women aren't paid less, they just earn less.

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