Is it normal that i write fake suicide notes?

not sure which section to ask this sorry.

so i am suicidal, but i dont have a plan. i dont want to make a plan yet. i want to see how far i can make it. i do have things i wanna do in the future and i wanna see if i can acomplish those things, but in the end i want to be the reason my life ends.

is it normal that i write fake suicide letters to my family and friends? i end up getting rid of them because theyre not real. idk if they make me feel better or are practice or what.

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  • Hey I found my friend! I can be your support. Never hurts to have a teammate to back you up!

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  • um my friend you really should get help

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  • While it may feel therapeutic at first, it can eventually start to make you feel like you should carry out the plan. It would be wise to go to therapy and find another outlet for your feelings

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  • Whatever you are saying it was bouncer for my peanut size brain?? Would you elaborate

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    • i write fake Goodbye letters to my family and friends as if im about to kill myself. i am depressed but not enough to kill myself so u always end up destroying the letters. the letters arent serious.

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      • Its normal just don't show the letters to other no matter how close they are to you will end up feel embarrassed. I also wrote a letter when I was probably 12 & Idk how my mom got her hands on it she read the whole letter & after that I felt pretty stupid & embarrassed...
        & the other thing don't try to do anything stupid coz its fine as far as its just in letters

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  • You need to seek for help. There is nothing embarrasing about it. You may die, hurt those around you but soon you´ll be laid to rest and forgotten because life goes on. In my case, I have thought about suicide in the past and then you realize that life is too amazing just to let it go. Good luck and I wish you the very best

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  • No that's kinda strange.

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