Is it normal that i wonder what happened to my boyfriends body?

My boyfriend died a year and four months ago. At the funeral,there was no casket. I keep wondering where his body is,and what did they do with it? I don't know if it is normal to keep thinking about it. I want to ask his mother,but I don't know if it is appropriate. I feel like I really want to know how he was laid to rest. But,no matter what the answer is,I am going to be upset. Would it be wrong to ask? And how would I go about asking it? So,is it normal that I wonder about it?

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  • I think it's perfectly normal to wonder about.
    It's possible that he was cremated. I suppose it would be alright if you were to start a conversation with his mother about him and then ask if he was cremated or buried. Or you could ask where he's buried that you'd like to visit his grave site. It's bit of an uncomfortable topic but I don't think it's out of line since you were his girlfriend.

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  • The body was cremated. Cremation is actually a cheaper and more affordable option for people who want a funeral and are financially struggling.

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