Is it normal that i went blind for 10 mins from marijuana?

So, last night I took a couple hits on my dab pen. This specific cart is new for me, but not the brand. The brand is LIVE, and it's made in Maine. The flavor is Sunset Sherbet. I've had it for a few days, and I feel as high as I normally am when I smoke. But, for some reason, last night, I all of a sudden was blind. Everything went black and I felt dizzy. And, my hearing was different. Everything was 10 times louder than normal. I felt as if I could hear my heartbeat, and my aunt's heartbeat.

I was with my aunt, and I called 911. Once they were here, I could see again!

Please help me, should I get a different cart?

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  • It sounds like there might have been something in the cart you used. Did you get it straight from an actual dispensary or a third party?

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  • youre sposta go blind from moonshine not dope

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  • Happened to me once from edibles (medical-grade); I stood up and got blind for some time as well, everything got white with colorful spots instead of black though, I also couldn't hear at that time...

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  • Underlying health issue that the weed is bringing out it sounds like. You should go to a doctor a get tests done for neurological issues or somethin

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  • This is not normal. I wouldn't even be sure it's anything to do with the cart. It could be, but it could just be a coincidence.

    Did the ambulance take you to hospital? Did you get checked over by a doctor or a nurse?

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  • I hope you learnt your lesson.

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