Is it normal that i want to marry a sadistic and masochistic girl?

Lately I have been enjoying BDSM related topics and have been getting the feeling that I should marry a sadistic and masochistic girl. Is it normal or I am wired in a weird way?

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  • What do you mean by enjoying certain topics? Watching porn, fantasizing or actually engaging in them?

    If you haven't actually experienced BDSM activities you're getting very far ahead of yourself thinking about marrying someone who's into the same stuff.

    There used to be a saying around the BDSM community that fantasies are a lot hungrier than bodies are: in other words, what you fantasize may not be what you enjoy in reality.

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    • I doubt he has actually done it. If he had, he would have said so. He is taking the jump from wanking to BDSM to now wanting to marry in, pretty fuckin dumb. Lots if people think is sounds great, but once they try it, their mind changes.

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    • You are wise.

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  • Girls like that are great for a one night stand. Thats not the personality type you want to settle down with trust me.

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  • Haha dude till you try it drop it. Us bdsm girls like some weird shit. Well can be, fantasizing and doing are vastly different. Like I fantasize about having a shock collar and cattle prods and the like. But till I feel the bite of one I'm not gonna go and buy a custom leather shock collar, you get what I'm saying?

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  • Nah. Go for it. Get married to some weirdo. Then get abused emotionally, physically, financially... You'll have a blast.

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  • You will have to wait because Nancy Pelosi is still married.

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