Is it normal that i want to get a cold because i like how my voice sounds?

I really like how my voice sounds when I have a cold, and I sing, which I like anyway, but I especially think it sounds good when I have a cold. Even when I had covid, I recorded myself singing so many songs, like a dozen, just cause I like how my voice sounds with it, and to get as many as possible before I got better.
When I have a cold, I think my voice sounds cuter and more childlike, and when I sing Japanese songs I think it sounds kind of like Yui from K-on! Like high-pitched and cuter. Whereas naturally, I can't seem to get my voice to sound the same way unless I'm ill :/ So, is it normal to wait till I have a cold before singing some certain songs, so that I can have "the voice"?

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  • I think normal, like eating many things that may have consequences on health and the pufferfish dishes in japan that if not prepared correctly, can be without a doubt very lethal.

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  • You sound like Phoebe from Friends.

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  • Seeing the positive side of a cold isn't really a bad thing.

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