Is it normal that i want a girl to lick my face?

For some time I've wanted a girl to lick my face but I really don't know if it's considered normal. I also don't really know if it's considered weird or creepy to ask a girl to do so. If any of you guys think the same way I do please let me know.

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  • I wouldn’t want a guy to lick my face, but hey, kissing is seen as socially acceptable, so I see no reason why licking the face would be extremely taboo or whatever.

    Think of this, OP. There are people who want girls to shit in their mouths on IIN. There are also people who get off on mutilation on here.
    Compared to those people, your “kink”, “fetish” or whatever is completely tame. You’ll be fine.

    [Just don’t ask a random girl to lick your face, that’s creepy.]

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  • Already in a relationship? Sure, couples do all sorts of kinky shit. Asking some chick to lick your face? Fuck no.

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  • I’ll lick your face, but are you ok your face will stink. I have stinky saliva

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  • My boyfriend dosent like it when I lick his face but I feel the need to do so really bad

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  • I really want a girl lick my aas.

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