Is it normal that i've never had a good dream before?

I've never had a good dream. Not as a kid, and not now.
When I was 11, 12 or 13 years old, I used to have these half-dreams (half awake) where I'd be riding my bike and it would feel really nice, but id loose control of the half-dream, and it would become a full dream where I crash the bike and jump awake.

I had one dream as a kid where I was suffocating in water and woke up with the blanket over my face.

I had one 2 nights ago where I had something around my neck and was trying to get it off cause I was slowly suffocating. My throat was closing up (I do not have asthma). I woke up panting. There was nothing on my face.

Any other dream is about me killing someone (no one I hate or anything) and instantly regretting it or running away.

All if these dreams are very vivid, detailed, and realistic. (Saving details from this post, its unnecessary).

I'm always either about to die, or someone else dies where 95% of the time I did it.

Is it normal to only have nightmares/night terrors?

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  • I never have good dreams but seldom have nightmares.
    I feel bad that you can’t possibly feel rested after having such a terrible night of bad dreams.
    I found that when I was taking certain medications then stopped taking them, that’s when I had bad dreams. There could be some connection there for you as well.

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