Is it normal that i think the average woman is getting uglier?

This is from a straight woman's perspective. I like modern fashions and hairstyles, but at the same time I think the women are on average uglier that they used to be.
It seems like more women are obese. It seems like more women are disheveled. It seems like more well-built women are hiding their figures and potential in gym clothes all the time.
As for in upper classes and celebrity world, it seems like more women have visible and off-putting plastic surgeries.
Every time I look back at pictures of the 90's/00's I am always shocked at how cringey the clothing is yet how comparatively beautiful the women are. Is this normal?

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  • True. But I also find the fashion style of the 90s-00s hotter than the one nowadays.

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  • Chics are getting fatter for sure.

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  • I do think that obesity is more common than it used to be, especially due to the fact that we have so many more modern conveniences that allow us not to be as active and work as hard to do certain things as we used to.

    Perhaps some of it has to do with how much editing and filters there are these days? I've noticed there are so many women in my age range (20's) who do not have a single photo on their social media profiles that doesn't have a filter over it. I personally think a lot of these filters just make people look weird (like something isn't quite right about their face, since some subtly change their features), but many feel the opposite and that they look better with them. As much as we see perfectly posed, airbrushed, and filtered people on social media, unedited people's imperfections stand out more.

    I'm not sure what the reason you'd be finding women from 20+ years ago more attractive would be unless you preferred the styles/found them more flattering (personally, I think the fashion and hairstyles of the '70s and '80s are way more flattering than much of today's, which makes people look more attractive in my eyes than if they were wearing less appealing styles). If you don't like the styles and don't find them flattering on those women though, I'm not sure what it could be other than maybe you've seen more older photos of women you personally find attractive than newer ones. Were you old enough 20+ years ago to really appreciate attractiveness? If not, it could also be that you see hundreds of examples of modern women on a daily basis, but a much smaller selection of women in older photos, making it a disproportionate comparison, seeing photos that were most likely meant to be flattering vs. your average everyday woman out in public.

    I do also think that there tends to be more plastic surgery in celebrities, and the "fake" Kardashian-esque look is "in" right now.

    Could it also be that you preferred the makeup styles of yesteryear to today's? In my opinion, well applied makeup that is flattering to the individual makes a huge difference. I've noticed that in recent years, it seems to be really common for women to wear a lot of makeup, even for a more "natural" look, and I see a lot of very cakey looking makeup that in my opinion isn't the most flattering.

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  • eh no... i think women are more tired

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  • Modern "fashion" in indeed usually shite, also Third-Wave Feminism and SJW-ism doesn't help. I'm of the belief, based on observations, that ugliness of the soul is represented by ugliness of the physical form.

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  • i spend a lot of time in bigger cities in the US, and i have to disagree, especially with younger women. just the other day i was thinking to myself that there's so many pretty girls these days. sometimes when i suddenly pay attention to everyone around me, it feels like every single woman i walk past on the street is really pretty. although people in big cities generally wear nicer clothes, get their hair styled, and look more put together overall. i also tend to think unique looks and features are more attractive. just my perspective as a 20 something american woman

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  • Probably depends on your location but in the US, UK etc. definitely feels rarer to find good looking people these days

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    • I live in Iowa, U.S.A.

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