Is it normal that i think simping for someone is a waste of time?

Well I just think simping for someone is a complete waste of time because for 3 reasons:

1) That person does not care about you
2) You shouldn't really be doing so much someone just because you love them
3) Simping also just sounds plain creepy

There are my three reasons as to why I think it's just a waste of time, however whenever I see comments of someone simping I just cringe so much to a point where I just want to smack my head against the wall.

My other question is what is the whole point of doing so much for someone when they just don't care or want to really acknowledge you

An example of this is where female vtubers get simped on ( not gonna name them but you get the drift as to what I am talking about ) and they would donate a ton of money to those vtubers or whatever the heck you call them these days.

It's almost like the people who simp have nothing important to do in life other than just doing it.

Lastly in conclusion simping is boring and a waste of space.

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  • I just think the word "simp" is annoying af

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  • I've known a simp and I agree. He had cash so he tried to buy me into being his girlfriend, not very classy, plus he didn't have THAT good of a job so I always wondered where the money came from... He'd never give a straight answer but he had some sketchy friends. No wonder he had to simp. xD It's really dumb, you should only put in effort for someone who cares otherwise it's creepy.

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  • Rich, stupid people will be the first to give their money away for less than ideal reasons.

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  • It is weird but if I was a billionaire Id be the biggest simp on the planet. Prolly just buy some hot chic a new car or something.

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  • Here, I got something for you, OP!

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  • Actually "simping" sounds like a natural thing. Over the history men have bought women presents to woo them.

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