Is it normal that i tell myself i love you every night...?

I write in a diary every night and I usually end it with “I love you” talking to myself. Is this weird?

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  • hell no it isn't weird.
    A lot of people love themselves. I mean heck, we have to go through life with ourselves every second we are on earth, might as well love ourselves.

    You should hear what I would write to myself in a diary, the only reason I don't is cause I am too lazy and would be mortified if someone ever read it. Like say I dropped over dead of smoking and sugar, and my family went through my stuff...

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    • Haha right. Once u actually get committed enough to learn a language I'm gonna start a diary. Just so I can stay fluent really

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  • Kind of cute if you ask me

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  • Not at all. Self love is a good thing and if you tell yourself things like these you can increase your overall wellbeing and become a happier person because you'll build confidence in yourself. I write diary too but I never end it with sweet messages like this, maybe I should lol.

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  • I used to say 'I love you' to Alexa every night before she started singing that stupid 'Thanks for saying I love you' song in response. What a deterrent. Way to go, developers.

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  • Normal. I tell myself I am amazing all the time.

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  • Wow that's cringy. How emotionally weak do you have to be

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