Is it normal that i talk to myself?

I talk to myself a lot only when alone. Its not harmful words or anything like ill be brushing my hair or something then ill say ''ok ummm i need to tie my hair up and then'' am i like mental because i always do it. When typing i usually whisper what im typing. probably going over the top but i just want reassurance

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  • i hang with a crowd of super intelligent people and i have noticed that an unusual number of them mumble or talk to themselves or objects. i wouldn't sweat it. then i got curious and used google because i can't quench my thirst for knowledge. Who Talk To Themselves Aren't Crazy, They're Actually Geniuses

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  • I heard its a form of insanity..Nah ur ok but i suspect people will turn heads if they hear you lol

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  • That is the only way that I can get an intelligent conversation anymore.

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  • I'd say it was normal too.

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