Is it normal that i stopped caring about ethics?

I know everyone keeps telling me the whole same story " Every human should have ethics " but personally what is the point about caring about them if I don't take ethics seriously?

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  • Here's a mind blower for you, choosing not to establish or define your ethics is a decision based in your ethics; you don't care to have them so you choose not to be endowed by them

    I can't remember the song, but there's a lyric like "even if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice"

    Ethics are important because they influence how you interact with your environment. If you think it's wrong to litter you're gonna notice anytime you're close to littering

    By not developing your ethics, well I can't really say without knowing you better, but I would imagine there would be a lot of chaos in your life

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  • Depends on what ethics... i for example dont care about what girl got raped and shit. I dont feel anything for that.
    But if i see animal abuse, that is when i dont like it.

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  • You're born with them I think. Or you get them from your father.

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  • Start with acknowledging absolute truth. Don't let people fool you with all this hyper- pluralism bullshit.

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  • What’s the context? Like are you experimenting on people in your basement?

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    • Ethics as in, its wrong to do this or its wrong to do that.

      Or its right to this and that.

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