Is it normal that i sometimes find something i love terrible for no reason?

You see, I'm an animal lover. I find all sorts of creepy crawlies and reptiles adorable, same with sharks and stuff.

Just a little bit ago I was looking at this bearded dragon and went, "Dear god, that thing is disgusting. How could I have ever found this animal cute in any way shape or form?" But I know in a matter of minutes I'll be completely over it and find them cute again.

Is that normal??

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  • As long as you never feel bad about cats we're cool.

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  • Yeah sometimes when I'm observing animals I assess a creature without thought or true free will, sometimes I see that in myself too it's kinda freaky, but I can still rationalize beauty in existence, for me I guess it's like acknowledging another point of view that I don't want to integrate or avoid

    And I have those thoughts about random things, they're just like reminders/symptoms of negative thought processes

    I look at it as like being able to recognize what to avoid, mentally and physically

    So for me I can dismiss things like that

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