Is it normal that i relate to salad fingers?

I relate a lot to the character "Salad fingers". We share a lot in common. Such as having strange and unusual attractions to weird random things, such as objects, having imaginary friends, being misunderstood, lonely, having a weird way of speaking and articulating words, people thinking we're creepy when we're nice, and lots more. People have compared me to him before. I guess I'm like a saner version of him. But you know you have problems when you're watching Salad fingers and you think, "yeah! That's relatable!" Am I just weird? Or is it normal?

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  • Salad Fingers that's a cool name and he is also green.😊

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  • I had a rewatch of salad fingers and I see how someone isolated could relate to the earlier episodes, especially how he tries to be polite but scares every living being he communicates with. His only meaningful relationships are with inanimate objects and his own hallucinations.

    If you’re relating to the birth of Yvonne or any episode where he acts like a parent though that’s a new level of concerning.

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  • who?

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