Is it normal that i refuse to let my microwave beep?

I'm totally fine with the beeping, I dont mind the noise and half the time the rest of my house is so full of noise that I need it to know my food is done.
My issue is, my microwave beeps five times in a row, sounding almost Exactly like the Wii Shop Channel. Every single fucking time I hear it, I think of that cursed song, and it gets stuck in my head for hours on end in a fucking menacing loop, and it all starts because of my DAMN MICROWAVE

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  • I'm too classy to own a microwave.

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  • I dislike beeps and other sounds most appliances make altogether, so I usually stop my microwave just before finishing. I never use the timer function on my oven and have disabled the beeping on my washing machine and dishwasher. I know how long their wash cycles take, so I know when to unload them. No need for annoying beeps.

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  • No vote?

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  • Maybe the microwave wants to beep, and it gets frustrated when it can't do that.

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  • I switch mine off at the wall at 00:02 to avoid all beeping.

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  • I often stop mine at one second to preserve the silence. I also try to avoid hitting the zero button. Zero wears out from over use. So, I enter 7 minutes as 6:66; 6:30 becomes 5:88. You see the scheme.

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