Is it normal that i purposely don't shower so that i can smell my armpits?

I like the smell of nasty armpit. Only if it's mine of course. I don't shower simply so that I can have a nice juicy smell, and once I smell it once or twice, I have the most sastisfying and delicious shower. Long, smelly, and clean. Come out and wait again.

Just as an extra question so I don't need to make another post for this, how do I stop the smell from leaving my armpits? I'd be resting in bed with the most stinky pits ever, excited for the shower tomorrow, only for it to smell average once morning has come.

Am I holding my arms too wide when i'm gaming? Do I need to do a PENGUIN walk!? So many questions, too little answers!

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  • Im good about showering everyday and always have judged truck drivers at truck stops for stinking like armpits. I usually do local driving where I drop trailers and go home. But lately ive been doing sleeper team cross country runs once a month and I learned they charged 16 dollars for a shower. To shower everyday would be $112 a week and $448 plus tax a month. I showered like once that week and probably stunk like those dudes. Kinda sad how truck drivers get fucked over on the showering.

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  • 1. What is gamer tag so i know to avoid you.
    2. WHY????
    3. My friend wants a sniff, she is possibly desperate
    4. Start a new hobby which ncludes more showers

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