Is it normal that i prefer wearing briefs rather than boxers?

Most guys seem to wear boxers but I haven't quite got into them

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  • I've never been a boxer fan. Most of the time I wear panties. You'd be surprised at how comfortable and supportive they are. I've gotten a few funny looks at the gym but also a couple of guys asked me about them and the comfort level. Two of them wear panties now.

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  • Are briefs good?

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  • Briefs all the way. I perfer feeling the breeze. Plus if it's cold outside I'm probably wearing under armor so the extra space is nice.

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  • I wore classic tighty-whities (UK = Y-fronts) in my youth and switched to bikini style briefs somewhere in my thirties. A few years ago (when I was around 60), I started having terrible problems with the edge of the briefs in the crease at the top of my thighs causing irritation. It was really disgusting, with the skin in that area seeping, smelling pretty bad by the end of the day and vaguely itching. I guess it was down to the fact that skin naturally thins as you get older.

    Boxers would have solved that chaffing, but I've always thought they look sloppy and I've always imagined that the loose fabric would bunch up and be uncomfortable to sit on and probably creep up as well.

    I decided to try boxer briefs, and those work fine for me.

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  • I like boxer briefs. They support your package but aren’t so panty like as briefs.

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