Is it normal that i prefer the putrid stink of my own farts?

For an example, I'm gravely disgusted and repulsed to the point of a psychotic break and paranoia from stink of a foreign person (depends on type and intensity of stink), unless it is opposite gender with close age exemptions, except that I feel welcome with the stink of my own deadly farts, which in my case, are not as deadly to me. Is it normal?

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  • Maybe you are just really smug?

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  • IIN strikes again

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  • Listen, anything with the phrase "psychotic break and paranoia" in it is not normal. Kinda almost liking the smell of your own farts is pretty normal. Not liking the smell of other peope's farts is very normal. The "opposite gender" thing combined with the "gravely disgusted" part though? I'll be honest, it makes you sound like a CSI episode waiting to happen.

    OK, that was mean. The nice version is "you might have some kind of phobia around this stuff and should talk about it with a healthcare professional because it must suck that such a common thing distresses you that much."

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  • Its normal

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  • It is not uncommon for people to find certain smells or odors pleasing or enjoyable, including the smell of their own body odors. However, it is important to remember that different people have different preferences and that it is not necessary or healthy to force oneself to enjoy or seek out certain smells or odors.

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