Is it normal that i obsessed with my atheist friend as a religious person

When i find my personality is like to push somebody that i admire. I found the guy that has personality same with me and perceive my advice. Only the guy doesn't have intention to know his god while i try to have faith in god. So we like to share us common believes. That make us lack of knowledge fulfilled.

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  • No. Religious people pushing their faith on someone who isn't, is annoying.

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    • I am sorry to annoy you before, but no really i am not even try to push my faith in religion to anyone as i said i still try to find what god really is, what i really know is i still worship to my impersonal god without knowing too far enough. Only nonsense that i can tell for what i have known about my god, we only share logical things and ideas to each other as we have the same perspective or we keep asking how did you say like that.

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  • Cute. If you're the same sex I would find that a bit of turn on tbh I guess I have the opposite problem of you, like to "corrupt" the adorable pushy religious folks.

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  • I’m an atheist and I enjoy talking and comparing beliefs with my Christian friends who are up for it. It’s good to have friends with different beliefs.

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