Is it normal that i miss the demae channel?

For those who don't know it was a channel for the Wii/WiiU and what this does is ordering food from the console, it was inventive back in the old glory days. Even though it is a discontinued feature I found it to be very innovative for its time back then 11 years ago.

For me personally I miss being able to order from my Wii console as I used to order things such as pizza,sushi,burgers and whole lot more on it.

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  • I'm going to assume that OP probably lives in Japan ( it is unlikely but probably does ), after looking through what that channel is it is a Japanese exclusive channel.

    As Boojum said it is astounding that it was discontinued.

    Keep those good old memories even though I have never heard it alive whoever you maybe OP.

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  • I've never heard of this, but I've never been a console gamer.

    I find it a little surprising that the service was discontinued, since companies that produce games and consoles usually go to great lengths to keep sweaty hands firmly attached to controllers and eyes locked on the screen for as long as possible.

    Maybe the major flaw in the system was at the other end, so to speak. I think Nintendo missed a trick here. They could have also sold branded gaming chairs with built in porta-potties, and the users could have used their console to summon a service-worker (in a Zelda or Mario costume, obviously) who would visit their basement to wipe their butt, take away the filled potty cartridge and slot in a fresh one.

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