Is it normal that i make some mentally unstable oc's?

I've always found it as my thing to make OC's that somehow have an angsty backstory or are somehow emotionally/mentally unstable. I just like making up a backstory/personality that explains why they behave this way. What are your thoughts?
(don't worry I have normal oc's as well)

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  • What the hecks an OC?

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  • Try to write a story about normal people having a normal day in a normal environment; it's guaranteed to be boring as fuck.

    The most basic outline of a story is a particular person with particular weaknesses and quirks finding themselves - often because of their own actions or their failure to act - in a situation which is intolerable to them for some reason. They struggle to find a way to deal with all the pressure on them, but while their actions are consistent with their backstory and particular strengths and weaknesses, everything they do results in them getting ever-deeper in the shit. This continues until they either die (literally or metaphorically) or they find a way to overcome their special weaknesses or even use it to resolve the situation in a positive way.

    Fiction isn't reality. People in real life do random, illogical and self-destructive things for reasons they can't explain. But a story featuring characters who act without any sort of motivation will be fundamentally unsatisfying to readers. The reader of such a story will probably conclude that either the author just strung a bunch of random exciting scenes together or that they had no real understanding of human nature and nothing interesting to say about the world and how people deal with it.

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  • I write similar characters. They're not really "unstable", though. For example, there's the giant druid who was kidnapped by an eve elven circus and had his mouth sewn shut at a young age. Because of this, he can barely understand English and definitely can't speak it. He also has a massive fear of circuses. There's also the mage who cares about nothing besides finding the most powerful thing in existence. He's so obsessed that he talks to himself constantly, ignores everyone else until they find a way to stop his thought process, ignores his own needs unless reminded, and speaks in cryptic gibberish related to what he's currently trying to understand.

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  • Including a wide and diverse range of characters and backgrounds in your writing is good. It represents the world we live in. It’s also good that you are trying to understand people with mental disorders and include them in your narratives. :)

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