Is it normal that i'm quite underweight and i want to be a bodybuilder?

I'm a woman, 5'6 and 97 lbs. Having a lean physique is important to me, but being emaciated obviously has downsides. Could I build muscle without gaining a significant amount of fat? Also, the only time in the past I have lifted was on a track team, and I struggled with the dumbbells. I had to lift the bar instead without any dumbbells which was only about 40lbs. I assume I can improve with repetition right? Another thing is that I haven't stepped foot in a gym in years and I don't know what gym culture is like, if I would be mocked or anything. Thanks

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  • Yes you can do it. You will gain weight - but be lean.

    It is very important that you go to a gym that focuses on body building to get personal instructions on the proper ways to do each exercise, and what exercise sets to do that will produce a balanced body (with muscles of similar relative strength).

    That prevents a lot of injuries and grief in general.

    It will take months to see a lot of progress and you have to start slow and with proper training and support gear.

    I wish you the best with this...

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  • You wouldnt be mocked. Normal gym ppl like to see fat and skinny ppl at the gym because it shows people are trying to better themselves. Theres this one chic at my gym who was quite fat when she started and now shes really fit. Its cool.

    And yes you'll gain strength with repetition. Focus a lot on your legs and squats and also situps.

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    • Ok thanks for the advice!

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  • Maybe you should consult with your doctor?

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  • If you only weigh 97 pounds, I don't know that trying to build muscle without gaining some fat is the healthiest idea. The body needs a certain percentage body fat

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