Is it normal that i'm lazy and wish to sleep forever?

I'm lazy as fuck, everything for me is boring, and I wish to fucking sleep forever, because sleeping is good as fuck.

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  • I felt like that when I was on anxiety meds and antidepressants, because they just sucked away all of my energy and everything strangely felt out of my reach and like way more effort than it really was. I overslept like crazy and couldn't stay awake for very long, even after a full night of sleep.

    I have felt at certain points in my life that everything is pretty boring and like I just don't really want for anything anymore, usually when I'm feeling really down about something.

    I wouldn't say it's normal, though, especially if it's an everyday thing and not occasionally.

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  • Same.

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  • That sounds like depression to me but if you're happy being that way go for it. It sounds very boring though.

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  • Do amphetamines.

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  • Its called suicide. And I would not personally recommend it.

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  • Well, go for it.

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