Is it normal that i'm glad that andrew tate was arrested?

I'm glad that Andrew Tate was arrested!

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  • Definitely normal. I actually forgot he got arrested and being reminded of it brightened my day up a little bit.

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  • I believe he's guilty.

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    • Yes perhaps. But your misandrical hatred will not be absolved until his cock is dismembered with a golden axe of vengeance. I’ve been watching you. You have terrible issues. Stay away from my sons, Creepshow. I’m serious.

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  • Just gonna wait to see what the trial digs up. Certainly his rhetoric no matter how "based" it was did not help his image.

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  • I'm going to leave an option of choosing from "NORMAL" to "NOT NORMAL" open as neither of them necessarily apply to my opinion. Was he merely arrested for minor infraction involving littering with a pizza box, or some kind of arguments or provocations with the police force? If there's evidence and many will give various answers that are combinations of "Yes" and "No" and if speculatively a full scale conclusion is drawn for human trafficking and various exploitation involving victims conviction then not only normal, but encouraged to criminalize people like this to the fullest, maybe not on the same scale as serial murderers like Edmund Kemper and various other murderers that had no real intent or motive behind criminal insanity, except, cases like Andrew Tate and psycho killers are separated in legal system from fully criminal one to the one with inpatient within prisonal hospital and various barriers and isolations.

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  • Damn they did Top G Tate dirty.

    That's rough.

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