Is it normal that i'm addicted to this video game?

There is this video game called avakin life that is soooo amazing and I just can't stop playing. You can check it out if you want but I've played it for days straight and an starting to get a little worried, is this normal and how do I break this addiction?

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  • I would say it's normal but not healthy. I've taken off from work to stay up day and night when bloodborne came out. But as for me I get tired of things quickly so by the third day I was bored. I can't say the same for you so you may have to force yourself to stop or maybe even put yourself on time limits. I use this time limit method to ensure I don't get bored of games. Play for an hour a day and then go read. It'll help your eyes too

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  • Stop cold turkey, and find something more constructive to do with your time.

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  • If you want to break this addiction, and you know it's an addiction, then you know it's abnormal. As for how, simply stop. Focus on other hobbies. Do other things. If that's too difficult, set yourself a time limit for playing video games. Keep lowering it until you feel it isn't an addiction.

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