Is it normal that i love to wear flip flops every day

I live in Mississippi and in summer time I wear my flip flops. Well since the seasons are starting to change I want to keep wearing my flip flops year round. Is it normal to wear flip flops every day as a guy.

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  • I hate flip flops! There I said it! Sorry!

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  • Get you some Birkenstocks, boy! Whereabouts in Mississippi are you?

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  • I suggest you keep to the flip-flops and complete the ensemble with shorts, a bathrobe and shades at all times. Accessorize with bowling ball or White Russian.

    The Dude abides.

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  • I gave you a no. Only because I've never heard of anyone who does this. I understand; they're comfy, easy as hell to put on, let your feet breathe. But... come on, it's not a good idea to wear them every day. What if you need to run from some impending disaster? You're gonna be stuck in flip flops! Practicality aside, think of what people see. If I saw someone in flip flops in the middle of January I'd think he's bloody moron. I'm not saying you are, just use your judgement.

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