Is it normal that i love tickles in a non-sexual way?

I've been debating this with myself since the past 3 years. i mean, i know that tickling fetish exists, but i don't feel aroused or turned on with tickling. i feel... happy. like, rather comforted when i think about getting tickled or tickling a friend or my gf. it makes me feel a wave of serotonin that i cannot comprehend yet.

I also do art. and like the mayority of it is about tickles. a character tickling the other, like a tickle fight. if they're a couple, then they cuddle and snuggle and tickle each other and that kind os stuff

Just the thoughts about getting all comfy and snuggly with a comfort character or my gf, and then it all turns out into a tickly mess it makes me go silly.

But there's a thing i don't get. because if the one tickling me is a member of my family, i don't like it. i feel uncomfortable and rather awkward about it.

I remember that when i saw a tickle scene in a cartoon on tv, it gave me second hand embarassment. but if i saw it alone like years later it gave me that same serotonin wave i said.

Is it normal? (」゚ロ゚)」

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  • I didn't know that tickling could be a sexual stuff.

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    • look up on deviantart or furaffinity and you will see (actually don't, take care about your eyes and mental health, thanks.)

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  • The internet really ruins everything. Of course it's normal to like tickling.

    You sound like you have a bit of an obsession with it, though. Especially if you don't like your family doing it. Not to overstep, but I'm really wondering if this actually is a sexual thing with you. Maybe it's just the way you worded this.

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  • Why would you need to specify it is a "non-sexual" way when tickling is typically non-sexual? And if you associate it with being from a girlfriend or a couple thing, then yes, you are liking it in a sexual way.

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    • because i've seen that often when someone says they're into tickling, the first thing they think is Tickling Fetish, bondage, feet, stocks, Tickle Torture and that kind of stuff, that's why i had to specify it :/

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