Is it normal that i love my cousin?

I'm in love with my cousin.when i was 14 or 15, i was attracted towards my cousin. I started liking her.i got jealous whenever she told me about her boyfriend.One year ago when i was 18,one day she was in depression for some reason.we kept talking whole night and suddenly we kissed.after some days we decided that we should get into relationship.It went smooth but after some time she told me that we can't continue this because if somehow our parents get to know about us then we will be in a serious problem.And then she left me.After one year she again came to me and expressed her love towards me.Then we started our relation again.This time i was damn serious about her and she was also serious.
Now again she told me that we can't continue because we aren't having any future with each other.We will get hurt badly if we continued our relation much longer because at the end she had to marry some other guy beacuse we can't marry each other as we are "cousins".
I tried to convice her but she is stuck on hee decision. I'm madly in love with her.Its been 3 months when she left me.I don't know what to do.I don't know how to cope up with it.
Please tell me honetly what i'm doing is right or wrong.Should i forget her.Or try to convince her.I'm trying very hard but i can't forget her.I think about her every second
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  • its normal to fuck you cousin but its not normal to love them , they are for try outs only practice sex ,

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  • You love who you love...there's nothing wrong with that :)

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  • Maybe ya'll can move to a trailer park in Arkansas or something like that.

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  • I want my cousin's hot pussy bad! I haven't seen her in almost 9 years, but i keep telling myself that i love her because we seem very compatible. We both have a mild form of learning disability. I would probably stop breathing if the even went on a date with another guy because she has never dated before and neither have I. We are both 20.

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  • Maybe ya'll can move to a trailer park in Arkansas or something like that.

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  • My cousin sister was born in overseas and we didnt see each others face to face. We communicated over the phone, chatted through apps to keep the relationship.

    We some time talked about common things and some time went in to the topics like love and marriages etc which leads to talk about each others expectations and opinions. I just asked her i wanted to marry her on an occasion as i was in the preparation to divorce my exwife. She said nope , we both are cousins and cant marry but i said if she is alright we can make it happen.
    When I was at the age of 35 and she was 22 she had a education tours to overseas and came to my home and stayed for a week for her first time in her life.

    We really closed to each other and we had a good chat face to face and brought her out for dinner and tour etc.

    I told her to sleep with my exwife in her bed room as i had only two room at my home.
    She used to sleep until 10 am in the morning and i tried to woke her up with a simple lips kiss on the following day. I didnt hold or touch her but just a kiss on her lips. She didnt reject it and she made the kiss more delightful.
    Following day in the morning i gave her a deep kiss with exchange of tongue and make it more meaningful.
    We went out to buy breakfast and we kissed in the car for few minutes until we dried off. After we had bf and then i brought her to the back seat of my car and hugged her and continued to kiss. It made me so horny and i pulled her face to my lap where she can see i am hard down there. She looked at me and asked "do you want me to...? But dont feel bad on me because i am your cousin", I said gohead i want it and i am ok with it. She just pulled down my shorts and took all of it inside her mouth... her tongue were so naughty on it... she didnt care about my precum which was leaking while i was kissing her and hugging.... I was in a shock and amzed by her perfomance and made me want to penitrate her right after that but she said nope for penitation but she was willing to blow me off. I said carry on and she continued . She didn't stop until i finish my last drop. She emptied my whole load and we went home happily.

    My urge to have sex with her incresed and i was kept ask for permission but she just smiled and kept telling excuses to avoid have sex.

    Following day morning i woke up at 8am and called my office and reported as urgent leave. Locked the main doors and went into her room and locked it and laid myslef next to her on bed. she pretented that she didnt know what i am doing and gently acted as sleeping next to me. I looked at her every part of the body and i felt more and more wanted and refused to accept she is my cousin.
    As usual i kissed her but i was on the bed and when i kissed her my whole body was bud against her. she was without any undergarment and just with a thin nighty. I have noticed that she was expected it and hold me tight with both hands and legs. Our movement while kissing made her short and sliky nighty to went up easily above her navel. I just wanted her full softnes on to my whole body and it is easy as she was fully hugging me with legs and hands so i just turned her a bit and climbed on top of her and possion each other. Just pulled my boxer out of my legs. We were facing nose to nose lips to lips chest to chest and pubic to pubic.
    I kissed her for hours from lips to breast and she hold me not go down or see what was there inbetween her legs. We both were breathing hard and grabbing each other so hard. I moved my hips to rub my pubic to hers. I felt she was wet but she said no access for u to enter. She held my hands to not to penitrate her but we were breathing and kissing continously.
    I asked her why are you stopping me not to penitate as we both already fully naked and kissing for hours, she smiled at me and said you are a man and why you cant remove your hands from me if you want it.. Then she smiled at me... i released my hand from her with a bit of force and hold her hand with one hand and let one hand free if she is ok to move on... i asked her you want me to wear condom ? She said do you think i am a slut? I said i didnt think that way but if you get pregenent we will be in trouble. She said i dont care so me too.
    She was tight like hell and wet which i only felt on my hand and my penis. She didnt allow me to see her below part as she was so shy her own cousin.

    I slowly entered through a very narrow passage and both side of the walls were tearing my foreskin and penis head.
    We both moan kissed and kept doing it in all possitions and i made sure and last nearly an hrs inside her.
    We both breathing like no oxygen around and sweating hard.

    I told her that not right to shoot inside and to keep her safe from pregnancy. I just cum on her pubic area and held each other for minutes and kissed with full satisfaction. She said she cum multiple times and excellent feelings she had.
    We talked and rest together. We burnt the whole morning for just a round of sex. She didnt blead but i hurt much. I just told her it is so tight inside and love it.

    Next day morning after my wife left, i went in her room. I started to kiss her from top to botom smoothly as first day she reused to let me even see her below assets. She did the same to me and we were like lovers on bed. I didnt even think she is my cousin and she forgot i am her cousin.
    This time round i had a chance to explore her vagina. It was suspicious to me as even-though her outer libia is biger and why i felt so tight on the first day. I wanted to ask her were you a virgin but I didnt ask as it could have made her unconfortable as she was already asked why i need to use condom on her.
    So i just entered her as earlier day but i felt that i had the same feeling some thing inside her was tearing off my foreskin. Just pulled out and entered her in an angle with a bit of force. She held me tight and moan in pain then did it again on the opposite side of the vagina wall. Then just entered straight and felt just was smooth and painless entry. She was so wet at the bottom and i felt some thing different from the vaginal fluid. Just put my hand and saw she was bleeding and just broken her virginity.
    I was so happy and the orgasm finished with intense and asked her she want me to cum inside her this time. She said yes. I finished in side her. Asked her did i hurt you much while taking her virginity. She said hurt but the end was so nice.

    We had few more rounds on the following days until she left but i just pulled out my cum for the safety.
    We still have good communication between us and
    I still want to have sex with her but she is married now and i am soon going abroad to see her and penetrate myself soon again.

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    • Bro that's called lust !
      There are too many girls around u with whom u can have sex.If u aren't in love with her then please stop.

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  • I feel ya. Until she changes her mind you're stuck too :( Maybe something will come up that makes her change her mind. Do you have any contact with her at all? How far away from each other do you live?

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    • It takes just 1 hour.Her college is just 10 minutes away from my college.We can meet there also if she want. Once or twice in a week she comes to my house for family gathering.I also visits her house for the same.But after she left me, she didn't came to my house.So i haven't seen her since then.we used to chat even after she left me.But i decided to block her because i didn't want to send some stupid text in the middle of the night. Sometimes when i'm heavily drunk, i call her and again ask her to change her mind.But everytime she refuses and keep apologising.

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      • Don't block her if you can't accept a message or call from her in an emergency. Try not to get drunk either lol. Just be patient, give it a few months and if she ever brings it up just reaffirm your feelings and see if she is willing to reconsider. Pestering her while she is currently adamant on NO won't help you at all

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  • you are really, really sick.

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