Is it normal that i like watching men masterbate

why do i like watching men masterbate.

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  • Ido too., and ilove it idk why., but ilove watching them spill their load. (I'm getting wet) thanxx a lot.! And yess it's a turn on

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  • Because you're gay.

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  • Master baiting is quite popular on the fishing channels. 391 or 392 I think.

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  • It's perfectly normal, I find it a real turn on. Not instead of sex together, but as part of it.

    You are lucky if you can find a man happy to do that. In my experience men seem to generally have a hang up about masturbating during sex, or will only do it on the very rare occasion.

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    • Yeah I was initially awkward when my girlfriend said she wanted me to masturbate in front of her. I think it might be because to men it's submissively 'revealing' themselves, exposing themselves doing something which is otherwise private.

      Probably also because the idea of a guy getting off on watching a girl getting off is widely publicised, talked about and in lots of porn. Like a lot of things that turn women on, you don't see the same for women getting off watching guys getting off, there isn't the same openness in public or media about it (although the internet is opening doors). We still have the hangover of an old fashioned view of women as submissive, and of them not having the same sexual desire or kinks as men.

      When I got over my hang up it turned out to be a fun part of foreplay. I got off, she got off to me getting off, which itself got me off :D

      P.S. to the OP, lucky you, the internet is saturated with guys on webcam jerking off.

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