Is it normal that i like to see woman pooping?

I always wonder how much beautiful women, model and actresses poop.

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  • A friend of mine gets paid to poo online.

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  • They probably poop as much as a normal person, and it probably smells just as bad.

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  • Fuck no.

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  • I think it kinda strange. But what ever floats your boat man.

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  • Do you like to put plastic wrap over your face and let her pinch across your forehead?

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  • I once watched my wife shitting and what a fuckin turn on
    I lay on my back looking up and she sat on a glass table watching her
    She was a little nervous at first but I just told her to relax and let it happen naturally
    All of a sudden her bung hole started to open and out it came and as it came out she was kind of sitting in it and it fuckin spread all over the fuckin place
    There must have been 10 lbs of the fuckin stuff
    The glass got all fogged up too with the heat of the newly made shit but I was fuckin rock hard and I was duckin rock hard as I was wanking the fuckin cock off myself when I could hold back no longer and sprayed all the underneath of the glass with my man pearls
    What a release it was
    I took her into the shower then and fucked her senseless
    We now do it on a regular basis
    Try it buddies

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  • It's not normal.

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  • Oh they don't poop much. According to one report some actresses go for weeks without pooping. Constipation is one of the biggest issues facing Hollywood.

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    • That's total fuckin bullshit
      People ,no matter who the fuck they are shit a few times a fuckin day
      You can die from holding a shit in but you can go for at least a day without pissing
      So buddy stop talking through your fuckin bung hole and get your facts straight

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