Is it normal that i like to see females hit males in the balls?

I'm a mid-age guy and since I was young when I saw my mom hit an attacker in the balls did I find "women hitting males in the balls in self defense" sexy.

I have never been hit nor fantasised of being hit in that spot. However when I see movie or tv scenes with such scenes I get aroused. I do not like ballbusting, just in a self defense scenario.

I have also "taught/role played" self defense moves with girl friends that also creates a certain amount of arousal.

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  • How many times was your mom being attacked

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  • I think its normal you feel that way. My husband was not triggered by any event but he likes his dick punished, not his balls. He is naked 24/7 and likes me to hit, slap, pinch and do anything I like to punish his dick on a daily occurrence.

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  • I get attracted by good looking feminine women that kill ppl. Its a super degenerate attraction. It started when i was watching batman as a kid and saw the Harley Quinn character. Ever since that day I've been like that.

    Never went after a chic that was like that though. in real life I dont like women who are rude and thats usually correlated with being a killer.

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  • used panties russian girls

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  • Tinfoil time. This is potentially a dangerous fetish. Because pursuing it could lead to you actually becoming a rapist in real life. Because that is the only context where a woman would kick a man in the balls.

    You could join a BDSM group or something and find crazy women willing to just kick you in the nuts for no reason. But that is unhealthy for your self esteem and mental health.

    Just find a safer fetish. Try out something less painful.

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  • Join a bdsm group, anything (practically except kids and animals etc) is normal and if consensual by all involved then it’s fine, use safe words for limits

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