Is it normal that i like to play in the mud?

I just found this site I want to ask this question: I’ve loved getting muddy my whole life. I don’t know why but I do. I just like to roll around in the mud. I am dressed when I do because I think it’s cute.

I’ve talked to friends and they think it’s fine. What do you guys think?

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  • I did when I was a kid, but not anymore because walking around in mud-soaked clothes is really uncomfortable. 🤣 I used to always hate having to do barn chores on a muddy day, especially walking out to catch horses at the end of the pasture. I lost a shoe in a muddy pasture one day!

    A great memory I have as a kid though, is playing in a mud puddle on my grandparents' farm one day. There was a tractor rut that was filled with muddy water and I asked my mom and grandparents if I could play in it, fully expecting them to say no, but they actually let me that day. I rolled around and splashed in it, had muddy water pouring out of my boots, and the clothes I was wearing had to be thrown away, but it's a joyful memory from my youth!

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  • A beach my family used to go to had a cold clay mud pool the size of a small swimming pool on the cliffs and my cousins and I would spend hours in it before proudly striding back to the beach covered from the neck down with “ninja lines” on our cheeks. There is joy to be found in embracing muddiness.

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  • You should check to see if there are any mud caves within traveling distance. You'd probably love those

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  • nah bro thats a bit wacky but if it doesnt hurt anyone go for it

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  • I had a dog like you when I was growing up, and she also liked to dig a lot. My mother would beat her with a shoestring. ☹

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  • That’s not mud.

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