Is it normal that i like the smell of my own farts?

What other strange habits do other people have?

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  • It's actually extremely normal. The brain likes familiarity. It's why when something scary or unusual happens that our fight and flight reflexes kick in almost immediately. Because everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) farts multiple times a day, people eventually begin recognizing their own stink, or learn to cope with it.

    So why don't we like other people's farts, then? Because everyone has their own individual bacteria in their stomach (which is where gas from farts come from). This means that everyone's farts smell different. When you fart, you smell your own bacteria and don't think twice about it. But when someone else farts, your brain knows it's not YOUR fart.

    And unknown smells means fight & flight which = panic!

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  • Sometimes it's a nice spring blossom for me and other times it's those devil eggs coming out to get me while I rush to find febreeze before I sufficate

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  • When ever I have a crap it doesn't smell bad to me but I have heard comments from other people that are totally different. Do I like the smell of my own shit? No. It just doesn't smell that bad to ME.

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  • 😖

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  • no not normal . not funny either ,

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  • I am gonna puke now, You retard.🤢

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