Is it normal that i like smelly girls in bed then a clean girl?

I like to enjoy with a girl who has stinky body parts as mouth odor and armpit odor and down there too most stinky means asshole and cunt.
I love stinky girl in bed more then a good scented clean girl.
Is it normal or i am wierd .what is it?

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  • I like it when a girl smells faintly of cigarettes and coffee.

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  • Pheromones are a massive turn on for males, to my mind any womanly smells are heaven to me discharge in pantys is my fav,but recently i have got into scat, for those that dont know scat is shit sex.
    I could go along with any smells a woman can make its a turn on, smeg discharge period blood all in a days sex for me.

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  • well actually you could smell very nice, but when having sex it gets hot and you get tired, you start sweating. suddenly you start stinking but you are still fucking, so it isnt too much of a weird thing as thats what happens mainly

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  • I personally think that is nasty. As a woman, for my man, I love to be clean, clean pussy and asshole, deodorant, freshly shaved and brushed teeth. Now him on the other hand. lol. I love eating his asshole. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to lick shit off of his ass, but I do love it when we shower one day and he doesn't shit over night and then the next day I get to eat it. I LOVE the smell and taste of his butthole so much like that opposed to as fresh out of the shower. I am obsessed with licking it no matter what though, so I will do it anytime he lets me which is rare but my favorite as I said is not freshly showered but after like a day of not showering and not shitting of getting to eat and smell it because it is amazing.

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  • Another question I have is do you no longer like the smells after the bedroom experience is over? Or do you still like the smells beyond that point?

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  • I'm curious...what kind of reaction/response do you get from girlfriends when you tell them this? Do you tell them at all?

    Is it harder to keep a girlfriend after telling them this because they think it's gross or a turn off? Or does it make it easier to keep a girlfriend because they don't feel so pressured to be perfectly clean 24/7, or insecure when they're body odor starts coming through?

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  • Low maintenance. I like it.

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