Is it normal that i like cross drssing

I am fond of cross dressing; but not in public including before my wife whom i love a lot. Is it any deficiency of body mind and what are its implication on health

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  • You know the world is sure to find out that you are a flaming faggot who wants it up the ass. Why keep trying to hide it? Come out, come out Tinker Belle. Get your wife a strap-on for Christmas.

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  • It's a good way to ease the tension of penile insecurity. Lots of straight guys wear girls panties.

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  • I see nothing wrong with it, just enjoy yourself! And always remember:

    Piss pig piss pig I'm a fuckin piss pig you're piss pig he's a piss pig, at the end of the day we're all a bunch of piss pigs!

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  • It's normal and common, as is keeping it secret from one's partner. The secrecy and any guilt you may be feeling wouldn't be good for your mental health though. If you're totally isolated with this fetish I suggest you try and contact a cross dresser support or social group. Google for one

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