Is it normal that i like bikini girls

So i have this kind of habit over 6 months. I love seeing pretty women, those who have their hair styled by salon, flawless face, and perfect-curved body. I'm following them on instagram and it's my daily activities to check whether they share any their new selfie. And also i love collecting their photos, make them into one file on my computer. But the matter is, mostly their photos were in their bikini and yes, i deliberate saving only a bikini girl. Is it normal? plus i'm a female and is this showing that i'm a lesbian or bisexual thing?

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  • Normal and fine. I've had tons of bikini pics on my computer, and, though some aren't in great shape by now, a clasped folder of printed, regular pics of my hot older sister in various bikinis. Some were posed (I had a photo class in college, and used her for projects all the time..we also took a bunch of bikini shots, for fun, as I developed them myself), some candids. One of my favorites is a black, figure-8 top, high waist cut bikini she had, and a red, wicked weasel one that was one of the sexiest things ever.

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  • Whenever I upload bikini pics to my Instagram, I see a lot of girls commenting.

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    • Wow, u must be include to my "bikini girls categorized" (¬‿¬) (not in the harm way i meann,, don't get me wrong ahahaha)

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  • I would love to still bad able to wear a bikini and have people look at me but at my age most things have gone south.but yes I still look at young ladies in their bikinis

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  • Everybody likes a beautiful girl in bikini.. you have a different kind of hobby. It don't make yiu a lesbian or bi. I would admire any good bodied girl in bikini...

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