Is it normal that i imagine my body pillow is my gf and hug it every night?

She lives in a different country to me and our timezones are 5 hours apart... and I just imagine my body pillow is her and i hug it every night. Normal or not?

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  • Idk seems normal but also sad. My ex got me this giant bear for some special occasion of something and it was about as tall as me. Once we broke up I cut a hole in it took the stuffing out went inside of it and ran around scaring my neice and nephew.

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  • Pfffff, little sweet heart isn't ya..

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  • Dude i've been imagining that my whole life i have not met my "the one" yet and do that all the time when I feel like it.

    Pretty Normal

    and helps in sleeping too

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  • I don’t pretend it’s my girlfriend but I still hug it. It’s nice and comforting, also comfortable.

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  • Cute, I wish I had feelings like you.

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  • Normal

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