Is it normal that i have the desire to want to play the drums?

One day I want to learn to play the drums sadly I am broke as fuck, so I thought to myself one day when I have the money to buy it one day I will buy it. One reason why is because I have been listening to alot of rock/metal stuff which drives me to want to learn how to play the drums. Is this desire normal?

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  • Drums are badass. This one kid was really weird in school until we went to his house to smoke weed and realize he was the most badass drummer ive ever seen in person. I thought dude was such a badass. I started trying to drum also but its one of those things you have to either start young or plan on practicing for 20+ years

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  • I really want to learn the guitar or violin, or both or several string instruments

    Have you seen, I think it's called Drumline. A youth with the tenacity to play an integral role in the college marching band

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  • "I don't wanna work, I just want to bang on the drum all day!"

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