Is it normal that i have poor memory?

My exams are approaching and it's making me really anxious. It's not that I don't study at all. I've been studying bit by bit and honestly should be done right now but I can't remember. Whenever someone asks me I'm blank or whenever I read that question again, I remember nothing. Is my brain weak???

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  • I think of it as like asking a comedian to say something funny. If you have studied the right stuff it will come to you at the time when you need it.

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  • I feel like I have a bad memory too but I can't quite remember if that's correct.

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  • Make yourself some flashcards, and study with those. You can also record yourself reading from the textbook, and or your notes then listen to the recording when you are doing something else like cleaning the house, or walking the dog.

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  • You might be over studied

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