Is it normal that i have a horrible fear of certain screens on devices

okay so about a year ago my boyfriend got an oculus vr headset it was great i played on it all the time and i started to notice that the power off screen scared the everloving crap out of me like panic attack inducing scared it would cause me to put the game away a lot of the time even after only playing for like 5 minutes even the screen asking for permission to do things scares me loading up games almost gives me a panic attack unless i have someone else in the room with me but i still can get to the point i have to rip the headset off my face because the screens scare me so badly and like i’m deadass almost grown like it shouldn’t scare me but it does

even when i was little and i’d play the wii with my siblings when you’d go to the homepage of the wii and all the channels like vaguely flash on the screen that always scared me and i’ve never known why but all my family thinks i’m crazy for it scaring me but i dont know why it does because i’ve always enjoyed video games with my siblings

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  • Every fear is normal. But fear is just a feeling in your body. What you're really scared of is the feeling in your body that happens on these occasions. If you feel your fear, as carefully as you can, you can learn to see it for what it is ... and with time it will stop bothering you. good luck!

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  • take the za, it helps me

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