Is it normal that i have a fear of open doors?

I have a desk facing away from my door, and this really bothers me. Even if I'm facing a door, I still feel anxiety. It feels like a pulling sensation coming from the side of my vision to go and close it. I don't get this if the door is to a bathroom or closet. Please help! Is there a way to overcome this anxiety?

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  • Desks, beds and chairs tend to face or have visibility towards doors in rooms if you haven’t noticed.

    The reason being that humans have always done so in order to better spot and defend against an intruder in the room. It’s evolutionarily coded into you, so this desk facing the wrong way is triggering you. It’s actually common sense to be bothered by it.

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  • Get a big dog to keep you company.

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  • You have nothing to fear all you need to do is to calm yourself before you open doors.

    Take a deep breath nice and easy.

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