Is it normal that i have a broad thumb fetish?

Hi! I'm a 34 year old men and I have thin thumbs (each ones have the same width as an american/canadian penny, that's 0,74 inch or 19 millimiters). I got a fetish that
seems to be pretty rare : it consist of being turn on by comparing my thin tumbs with a women that has larger ones than mine. Also, the younger the women is with larger thumbs, the better. It's pretty innofensive, but rare I think.

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  • I voted not normal but only bcuz ive never heard that before..but i mean who am i to say.. we all like wat we like it could be normal idk

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  • There are better parts of the body than the thumb sir

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    • Well yes, I got a foot fetish too! If a thin/in shape women wears panthyhose and high heels (if both are black it's better!), I get turned on and I really want to kiss her feet.

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  • Not bad but not normal. Normal =/= good.

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  • the fact that you have said it is rare shows how normal it isn't

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