Is it normal that i hate the new velma show?

Yes, I know its not out yet but there's a lot of things about it that I hate about it.

Like was it necessary to change the races of the main Scooby-Doo characters? In my opinion, no.

Second of all they all look like NFT characters, it was almost like HBO doesn't know what Scooby-Doo is.

The other thing is Velma sounded more Daphne than Velma which is another thing I'm not a fan of.

If you watch the trailer you'll see why the video on YouTube got a lot of dislikes ( which by the way has hundreds of dislikes ).

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  • I find the race changes odd. What's even odder is that Scooby isn't even going to be part of the series.

    Also, why the heck is Frank Welker not voicing Fred? He's done it for a good chunk of the Scooby cartoons. That voice is iconic. XD

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    • I found them odd too.

      What Mindy Kaling doesn't know is that the show will become a big failure.

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  • Why would they make Shaggy black? That's a terrible idea.

    Technically speaking, Velma has at least been a lesbian since the last Scooby Doo, Mystery Incorporated. I never liked that part of that show, though. That show in general kind of sucked, actually.

    Daphne always appeared, at least, to me, to be an Eastern European. If they really wanted their diversity quota, they could have just given Ukrainian ancestry or something. (Even though, I think, canonically, she descends from a race of god women, or at least some sort of deific beings; again, Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated was a crap show).

    Fred doesn't fall into any of the other stereotypes, so they didn't change him.

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  • I dont care about modern cartoons.

    My kids are going to be raised off of cartoons from the 2000s and the ol classics. And the first 200 episodes of the Simpsons.

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  • Haha tbf I think Velma was intended to be lesbian? Iirc the creators have said something to this effect, and incidentally the actress who plays Velma in the OG live action Scooby Door is a lesbian. The Velma thing disturbs me less than changing Shaggy and Daphne's races.
    I will not be watching the new movie though.

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    • Wasn't the actress that once played Velma Hayley Kiyoko?

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  • Personally black shaggy doesn't do much for me. The hairstyle they gave to him is completely generic ( I can't count how many black cartoon characters have tied dreadlocks )

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